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    Jim Cramer Book Review - Part 1

    As promised . . here is my review of Jim Cramer's new book . . "Getting Back to Even."

    First . . a few reviews from if you will . . .

    # 1
    "Another Cramer Book - You get what you pay for, October 20, 2009
    By C. Young - See all my reviews

    Jim Cramer once again writes a book and gets it to market as quickly as possible. What are we up to now.. 5 books this year?

    I read this one out of curiosity of how this screw ball thinks he can get people 'back to even' when he FAILED to get them out before the market collapsed in the first place. Putting ones money and trust in the hands of Jim Cramer is one of the largest mistakes you could ever make in my honest opinion.

    Today (October 20, 2009) Jim Cramer makes a call for Apple stock to run up to $300. That is funny, In the summer of 2007 he said Apple would run up to $400... just before the market began to crash. (good one Cramer) .. wink wink..

    Do yourselves a favor and steer clear of this book.

    That is my honest opinion of this latest book from Mr. Cramer "

    # 2
    "Jim Cramer- the ultimate snake oil salesman, October 19, 2009
    By Viewer "cityview" (Orlando, fl) - See all my reviews

    This guy is costing the individual investor huge amounts of money be it on his RIMM buy recommendation or his sell AAPL ahead of earnings call. Why anyone would purchase anything from this guy is mind boggling, he is the laughing stock of the blogosphere."

    # 3
    "You want to get MAD listen this guy, October 20, 2009
    By JEO - See all my reviews

    This guy is a trader, listen to him and you going to end with your broker account empty."

    # 4
    "I am already even, but thanks anyway Jimbo, October 16, 2009
    By harrythompson (Fort Knox Rox) - See all my reviews

    If Cramer was such a good hedge fund manager what is he doing hosting a monologue show and pumping out books? Personification of greed, yep. This is a large book with little content. Cramer's books are like a Betamax, you gotta ask yourself, "They still make you"? What amuses me the most is what he calls stocks that have taken a beating because of poor fundamentals yet he names them "accidental high yielders". Well its no accident that these stocks have a high yield after losing 80 percent of their value. Go figure.

    Anyway I am up 6 percent since the Dow dropped from 13,000 early last year on a large portfolio, even though I had 50 percent of my portfolio in equities. I make about 7 grand a month on my portfolio. Comprendez-vous? In the time the market has lost 30 percent I am up 6 percent, that is a 36 point out-peformance, comprendez-vous? You see my pappy didnt raise no turnip farmer! I traded corporate bonds no thanks to Jimbo, who is a speculator and a day trader. The market is meant to take the retail "investor" for a ride, its craps game and the house usually wins my friends. Perhaps I havent made myself perfectly clear, while yall lost I won.

    I am a professional bonds trader and I dont listen to amateurish advice from self proclaimed experts who dont even know how to use a computer!
    I feel sorry for the audience this babbling brook has garnered, Cramer is all about increasing trading volume!

    This book's audience appears to be targeted towards intellectually challenged college kids groomed from his tv show, kids with dumb money and even dumber parents. Perhaps I havent made myself perfectly clear, that 6 percent rise in my portfolio over 18 months is on a mid 6 figure portfolio and that doesnt include commas or decimal points-- its difficult to move a large portfolio in percentage terms but most of you wouldnt know that since the average person between the ages of 35-45 has less than 40 grand saved. Trolls are invited to comment. YOU STILL DONT GET IT DO YOU??

    Stock picking is for monkeys, professionals use etf's now instead of taking on company risk. Yall in the stone age.

    Well now its clear why yall lost half your money in the market, yall appear ripe for the taking! Cramer exploits people who cannot think for themselves, people who are incapable of independent thought. He has raped your mind! Flock to his stock picks and lose the other half of whats left of your savings.
    I own HAO China small cap, its the future. The US corporate culture has shown itself decadent and immoral, the system is corrupted beyond repair.

    I prefer investing in junk bonds, they have superior performance to US blue chip stocks. I am laughing all the way to the bank. Have a nice day."
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