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    Plug-and-play vs portable sirius

    I'm looking to get my first Sirius radio. I'm torn between plug and play and the portable versions. What do you all recomend.

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    I think your decision should be based on how you would use it. Personally I don't have a portable unit BUT I can not ever remember thinking...I wish I had a stiletto right now either.

    If your life presents you with opportunities to listen to a portable unit then by all means get a portable unit because once you start you're not going to be able to stop.
    Charles LaRocca
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    I'd think a lot would depend on whether you want to add Sirius to equipment you already have or you're planning a full audio system upgrade.

    I planned to upgrade my ancient, deteriorating car audio but not yet my even more ancient and deteriorating home audio so I bought a Stiletto 2. The new car receiver allows a hard-wired connection to the Stiletto dock so the sound is fantastic. But I can also undock the Stiletto from the car, put on the Sirius headphones and accompany my walk around the block with terrific radio. And finally, if the stand-alone home players for the new Stiletto 2 ever arrive in stock at retailers, I can come home from my walk and listen with reasonable fidelity in the house on an Executive System as well. This with one radio and one subscription.

    On the other hand if you're planning to replace your home audio equipment and buy a new car, I'd get satellite ready components and two Sirius subscriptions.