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    sirius in my boat...please help!

    My boat came with the sirius sattlelite antenna and a deck. As an input i can select sirius, i was wondering if i needed a receiver to plug into the deck to use the sattlelite and choose the channel. Or can i choose the channel on the deck? if i need a receiver, what connection cord do i need to make the hardwired antenna and receiver work together. Anything would help.



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    Keep this in mind: I totally dont know what I am talking about. I am going by my experience with my dealer installed vehicle as a guide, to give you at least something to look at. I also have XM, and not Sirius **Stop! Dont Shoot!!**

    In my truck, I have multiple "inputs" available on my radio. It is FM 1, FM 2, AM, CD, and XM1 and XM2. If I change the input to XM1 or XM2, I can then choose the channel I wish to hear... as long as I have the subscription. XM also has a couple of free channels, Im sure Sirius has at least one (Channel 1 probably). If the Sirius radio and the antenna came hard wired in your boat, I am assuming everything is hooked up and ready to go. It just needs a subscription, if it didnt come with a free trial. Channel 1 should have your radio ID number if you are looking to subscribe and dont have a trial.

    Hope that helps. Maybe someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about could post and give you some advice?

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    Sirius In Boat

    If you can choose SIRIUS on the front panel of your head unit and channel 184 or the SIRIUS phone number comes up, you just need to call and activate the subscription, which may be prepaid for a certain length of time.

    If it switches back to FM or nothing appears on the display, you have a SIRIUS ready radio that needs a SIRIUS receiver and antenna in order to receive SIRIUS programming.

    If you can tell me the boat brand, model and model year, I can tell you which of the above is true and what is needed in order for you to be enjoying SIRIUS on your boat.