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    Help connecting to WIFI at work

    I have a hidden network here at work. I bought the Stiletto 2, and need to know if I only need the SSID, or if I need the password too? Does anyone know where to find the information. I am fairly computer illiterate, so simple is good .

    Can I find the SSID off of a laptop that connects to the WIFI, most of the computers are hardwired, but there are a few laptops around that are not. If I log in to one of them, where is the information I need? Can I obtain the password from it too?

    Any help is appreciated, it sucks not being able to listen to the radio, and only using the library function as it is a new unit, and I haven't been able to save all that much music on it yet.

    I can't even add my own music to it because my home computer is running Win98SE, and the book says I need XP or Vista. Dang

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    Unfortunately, any business that knows anything about computer protection likly has the SSID in an "administrator only" function, so unless you are an administrator, you are pretty much screwed.

    You could talk to your IT department and see if anyone will allow you to connect.

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    you need both. ssid has to be turned on, and if it has a password you have to enter it in the stiletto.