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    Stiletto Playlist/Memory Issue

    I am on my second Stiletto since June as a result of the same issue.

    I have a 8GB memory card in my Stiletto and most of my 1200 songs have transferred over from my Ipod to the Stiletto.

    However, I can only have 1 playlist of about 75 songs. I have another playlist of about 20 songs. (I would like to have many new playlists but I keep being told that I have used 46% of my internal memory...and no new songs/playlists can be added.

    I do not record shows (Howard etc) so I should have a full internal memory to run playlists.

    Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone else have a suggestion on how to increase my playlists?

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    You may need to double check and make sure all of your song from your computer are being put on the stilettos memory card instead of it's internal memory. This can cause some of these memory and playlist issues you are describing.