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    Stiletto2 work in a SubX1 boombox?

    I'm replacing my Starmate4 with a Stiletto2. I have a SubX1 boombox for my Starmate4...

    I know there is a specific boombox made for the Stiletto2, but from the pictures the power and audio connection jack looks the same.

    Does anyone know if the SubX1 boombox would happen to work with a Stiletto2 or will I have to replace the boombox too?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There have been some people that have been able to make a stiletto 2 work with a subx1, but I wouldn't suggest it. There have been some catastrophic fails shown on other forums where the subx1 port breaks off inside the sl2 ruining both the boombox and the stiletto. I would suggest getting the correct boombox for the SL2. It's called the SLBB2. Here is a link to the product:

    Or you can get them together as a package here: