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    Angry Mid-day Signal Loss

    Need help and opinions on issue that is really bugging me. Recently started to regularly lose reception around mid-day, every weekday (don't use sat radio on weekends). No change to receiver and antenna set up since I moved into this office. Thought rec'vr was going bad (Audiovox PNP3, play it about 8 hrs a day while at work), so I bought brand new equipment and set it up. Experiencing same issues! I work just outside Wash DC, so is someone jamming my signals now? Has a satellite dropped out of the net? Did a terrestrial transmitter blow out?

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    DC is XM land, I doubt Sirius has any Ground repeaters in DC anymore, if you can get that antenna outside with an open view of the sky, that should solve
    this problem, if you cannot there's always Sirius Online for an additional $2.99
    but if your office network is blocked for most online content, then, not really much you can do, unless you want to dump SRI and by an XM-radio, lots of XM Ground repeaters in the DC area, so, inside reception shouldn't even be a problem there with XM in DC, now SRI.........Oh Well.....