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    Cool New Lifetime Subscriber

    Hello folks,

    New to the forum, but I've been a Sirius sub since 2005 when I found out about it in detail for the first time at Camp Jeep PA. I recently upgraded the units in both cars to lifetime subs, after speaking with a Sirius operator; they confirmed that I will have full access to all channels (both XM and Sirius) offered in the case the merger goes through. Not only a sub, but I was also a stockholder, but eventually had to sell due to the loss I accumulated.

    Haven't had a chance to browse the forums yet, but anybody have any further confirmation that lifetime subs will have full access to all channels offered? If that is indeed the case, I couldn't pass up the reduced 399.99 offer.

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    I also have a lifetime sub with Sirius- as well as a yearly for my 2nd unit.
    (You can only have 1 lifetime subscription per account)-

    I would be surprised if Sirius has informed the CSR's regarding any details prior to the merger being officially approved- but if this does actually happen the lifetime sub's would get the 11 "best of XM channels" including all the Sirius channels.

    It's anyone's guess if Sirius will continue the lifetime plan when and if the merger is officially approved.

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    my understanding

    My understanding is that you will always have a similar service as what you signed up for with Sirius. It is my opinion that you would likely have access to whatever package sirius currently offers, but may not have access to additional XM channels.

    In my opinion, any XM channels would come at a premium, or you may have access to a "best of both type package.

    I think ultimately the $12.95 price point will be your "credit" going forad. If you chosse a $14.95 package, you would owe $2.00 per month.

    The lifetime service does not guarentee new and premium programming of the future, and in my opinion it should not include this. The lifetime deal is very consumer friendly, and to expect additional considerations beyond the current level of service would be a bad assumpption.

    All of this is merely my opinion. Sirius has not made any statements relative to the lifetime plan that I am aware of. Your question is likely best reserved for a customer service manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by satradiodude View Post
    (You can only have 1 lifetime subscription per account)-
    I signed up both units for lifetime subs.

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    I also have 2 units, purchased two years apart, and have a lifetime sub on both of them.