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    Howard Message Boards?

    Are there any other forum sites for Howard Stern besides SFN? I left after seeing the level of venom spewed on there. All in ''fun'' or not, it's pretty vile.

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    Well, we have one here. It has never built a huge following but, I am always game to help start things going. I am a huge fan and have been listening for years, I rarely miss a show.
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    Woeks for me. LOVE this board here too.

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    there's a handful of dedicated forums out there for THSS ... I am a member of a few of them and I just signed up here because I got a time out on a few of them already...the mods over there seem to be quite overzealous over really minor shit...seriously and Im not even one of the shit stirrers over there....just got caught in a few of those bait and trap posts and got me zapped! LOL! do I care? not really.... go ahead and join them and just make sure your ass dont get sore over there! LOL!

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    I'm guessing one of the sites where you were given a "time out" is I was banned there for supposedly "trashing" RD members. I asked the moderator for examples and he refused to reply. Several RD members emailed me to say they are unaware of me trashing anyone. But the moderator's decision stands – and I'm being frank when I say that. Or maybe it's the moderator who is being frank. (A few people here will get that.)