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    QASP Information

    First mention - ShotsII 6-16-2009 Post #116

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    billhart22 7-20-2009 Post # 121

    I have a ton of P&D emails that I can read, but here is an interesting one:

    OTC:Pink Sheets
    Share Structure:
    Authorized Shares: 750,000,000 as of March 7 2009
    Outstanding Shares: 197,000,000 as of March 7 2009
    Preferred Shares Authorized: 50,000,000 as of March 7 2009 (None Issued as of March 2009)
    Float: Approx 39,000,000 as of March 30 2009
    Ihub Board:

    1. This acquisition when it closes sometime prior to July 31, 2009 will add approximately $44 million to our revenue stream and $10 million in EBITDA. The company to be acquired has a vast range of capability in the aerospace industry, and operates three plants totaling approximately 300,000 sq. ft. The company owns two of the plants equaling 190,000 sq. ft. and leases the third plant. The handsome revenue and profit numbers are achieved with less than 250 employees, and does so with a superb safety record.

    2. Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc., formerly Equus Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EQUR), is pleased to announce an agreement in principal to acquire an aerospace engineering firm located in the Southeast area of the US. This acquisition will provide the company with a full line of engineering capability for the Quasar line of aircraft currently in development. For security reasons the name of the company will not be divulged until the acquisition is closed. The acquisition is to be made with private equity funding and will be an all cash transaction. This acquisition when it closes sometime prior to July 31, 2009 will add approximately $8 million to our revenue stream and $2 million in EBITDA.

    3. Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: QASP) (formerly) Equus Resources, Inc. (EQUR). Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to acquire a third aviation/aerospace company. The full Board of Directors of the company to be acquired unanimously approved recommending to the shareholders that they accept the offer of One Dollar per share for the 32,000,000 shares outstanding. The members of the Board hold over 80% of the outstanding stock so shareholder approval is certain to be obtained. The company's name for the obvious reasons must remain anonymous until the transaction is closed, which is scheduled for the middle of August of this year. This acquisition will add approximately $18,000,000 to our annual revenues and $3,750,000 to the bottom line.
    Total from the 3 Acquisitions
    Revenues: $70,000,000
    EBITDA: $15,700,000

    March 9:
    March 18:
    March 27:
    April 2:
    April 22:
    April 27:
    May 5:
    May 7:
    May 13:
    June 16:
    June 17:

    Introduction to QAI's Vision

    Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QAI) is an integrated aviation/aerospace corporation which has been created to pursue an innovative and highly synergistic business strategy. This strategy will be achieved through a process by which several businesses in the aviation/aerospace industry will be combined into an integrated and self-supporting network which will have the ability to operate in a more complex strategic environment and to achieve greater success than would have been possible if they were operating purely alone. Within this context QAI will not acquire and operate these business units according to some master corporate plan. Rather, the goal will be for these entities to retain their operational independence and unique corporate cultures. In this fashion, the resources, talents, insight, experience, and market potential of each will be supported and enhanced in a cooperative process which will lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and scalable economies resulting in increased profitability and market relevance.

    The integration of the business units of QAI will be a phased process which will require that each unit be operationally vital and cash positive from inception. The only exception to this principal will be a unit tasked to develop follow-on products. This will be explained in detail below.

    The units integrated in the first phase of QAI’s operations will either be wholly owned subsidiaries, or QAI will hold a minimum 80% equity. These components are:

    * Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) – AAI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QAI which operates a flight school at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, Florida, and will develop and operate flight schools nationwide.
    * A soon-to-be named company is a successful aircraft component manufacturer.
    * Aviation Import/Export, Inc. (AIE) - AIE was formed to import aircraft and/or aircraft components for sale, lease and use by QAI affiliates and for sale and/or lease to other companies.
    * Quasar Aircraft Corporation (QAC) - This company will develop the new products and over see the development of the VLJ program
    * Quasar Financial Corporation (QFC) - This entity will support the aircraft sales process by arranging financing and insurance for customers and the aircraft that will be required for AAI’s flight school operations

    A second major phase of the corporation’s development will be to identify and acquire small to medium sized business which will be complimentary to QAI’s strategic vision and conglomerate.
    Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI)

    The corporation is developing a highly innovative business plan for the operation of franchise-based flight schools throughout the United States. AAI has been formed to respond to a critical shortage of flight school capacity in the Florida market. There is a particular demand for training of international students. Once the initial school is operational the goal is to market this “School Concept” as a turn-key franchise opportunity to aviation professionals around the country. With the context of the larger QAI strategic vision, AAI will serve the following purposes:

    * Provide a ready-made market for a significant number of Quasar aircraft.
    * Enhance QAI’s credibility with the early development of a significant and profitable subsidiary.
    * Increase QAI’s visibility in the marketplace.

    The synergies implicit in QAI’s strategic vision have been alluded to several times in this document. Here they are summarized:

    * The acquisition of the manufacturer immediately establishes QAI as a significant component manufacturer in the U.S. aviation marketplace. The manufacturer's healthy profit margin strengthens the company’s financial statement immediately. Control of a major component supplier to the Quasar line of aircraft enables the company to achieve significant economies. Control of the manufacturer increases QAI’s visibility in the aviation community.

    * Quasar Financial Corporation (QFC) will provide significant assistance to the company’s sales force by enabling them to offer “One Stop Shopping” for the customers’ acquisition, financing, and insurance needs. It should also provide a small but steady positive cash flow.

    * Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) particularly in its franchise phase, offers a significant internal market for Quasar aircraft. This will enable QAC to achieve profitability much sooner than would have been possible otherwise. Even in its initial Jacksonville phase AA will provide early support for the corporate bottom line. As with the manufacturer, QAI’s visibility as a significant player in the aviation industry is enhanced.



    Note: From Bill -

    The chart above and info


    It was supplied by Ichimoko on BB's Stock Haven, on the wheel. It is for educational purposes only.

    The format is wonderful. He is a smart guy. It just needs a Dr. Dave mind behind the T/A.

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    bassmaster 7-22-2009

    Originally Posted by bassmaster
    its not cheap. but i really am starting to fall in love with QASP , YOUR PICK!!!. i am in for a small amount ($2k) but if can get get more confirmation on their revenues, i will be increasing my position.

    fundamentals need to be confirmed for me.

    this is the speculation on the revenues and valuation from the new acquisitions the company is supposed to be closing the deal on next month (from the wheel , btw does this make sense?):

    Posted by: c7bk Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 12:30:32 PM
    In reply to: mm107 who wrote msg# 11642 Post # of 11874

    $15M divided by 205M (o/s) is .07 per share

    Times a conservative PE of 7 is

    .49 share price after closing all 3 acquisitions on 8/14/09


    And this correction;

    Posted by: thebronkx Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:00:23 PM
    In reply to: c7bk who wrote msg# 11645 Post # of 11876

    c7bk - you forgot the 8m for the schooling:

    So 8m + 15m = 22m

    22m divided by 205m (o/s) is .107 a share

    times a conserative PE of 7 is

    .75 a share.

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    Thank you! That is outstanding sleuth work on your part!

    i hope...thanks a million...or at least a couple hundred thousand!hahahaha


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    James C. Ray

    James Ray receives Honorary Degree from UND

    August 7, 2009

    UND's summer commencement was held on Friday, August 7 in the Chester Fritz Auditorium. About 500 students were eligible to receive their degree when UND President Robert Kelley presided over the UND summer commencement. On average, UND graduates about 2,700 students total in the summer, winter and spring. At the summer commencement ceremony, UND did award an honorary Doctor of Letters degree to entrepreneur James C. Ray, president of the Aerospace Capital Group and president of the Ray Foundation.

    James C. Ray is president of the Aerospace Capital Group and president of the Ray Foundation of Naples, Florida. Ray has invested in more than 300 high tech aerospace and computer ventures, including Compaq Computer and Cirrus Design of Grand Forks and Duluth. Ray has funded many innovative ventures at an early research stage to advance solutions for air and pilot safety, including advancement of simulator training and curriculum development. He also is the lead investor in the Hilton Garden Inn located near the UND Center for Innovation.

    "Jim is one of the most accomplished angel investors in the nation," said Center for Innovation director Bruce Gjovig in his nomination letter. "He has a significant record of investing in innovation and technology entrepreneurs, matched only by large institutional funds, not individuals. He was a venture capitalist long before being a venture capitalist was cool."

    Ray first heard of the University of North Dakota from his neighbor in Switzerland, Chester Fritz, in the late 1950s. At that time, Fritz was making his gift of the Chester Fritz Library for UND's 75th anniversary celebration in 1958. Fifty years later, Ray has become a major benefactor to UND, donating $12 million toward the growth of entrepreneurship and aerospace for the benefit of students, enabling these programs to become nationally and internationally recognized for excellence.

    "The Entrepreneur Program at UND would not be ranked in the top 1 percent of the entrepreneur programs nationally by Princeton Review without the endowment and operating support that Jim provided," Gjovig said. "His support includes funding for interns and staff with the Center for Innovation and two faculty positions in the Department of Entrepreneurship in the spirit of a venture philanthropist making strategic investments."

    Gjovig added, "What really drives Mr. Ray is the outstanding students on the UND campus. He makes sure he has great access to entrepreneur and aerospace students when he is on campus, engaging in their life stories and career goals. He has commented many times on the superior quality of our students who have good intellect, strong work ethic, and who expect to earn their way into the world."

    Since the late 1960s, Ray has served as president of the Ray Foundation, which distributed millions of dollars in royalties earned from the development and sale of a cattle vaccine to a variety of programs including anti-drug education and mental health organizations.

    He has been active in aviation for more than 65 years since joining the U.S. Army Air Corps following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Ray was a B-17 bomber pilot during the war. Major Ray also was on active duty with the U.S. Air Force during the Korean conflict. He has been owner and chief pilot of numerous aircraft since 1948 and has traveled the world in a jet.

    Mr. Ray serves is a trustee and serves as Treasurer of the UND Center for Innovation Foundation, an independent university-affiliated foundation that support the Center for Innovation the Entrepreneur Department and entrepreneur programming on campus.

    The following citation was read by Dennis Elbert, Dean of the UND College of Business & Public Administration at the graduation.

    James C. Ray

    Throughout your life, you have shared a love of adventure and a love of ideas.

    You are renowned as a angel investor and venture capitalist. You have invested in more than 300 entrepreneurial start-ups, a record few other individuals can match. You have achieved great success in business interests ranging from cattle ranching and energy exploration to real estate, the aerospace industry, and more.

    For nearly half a century, you have matched your skill in business with a faith in the talents and energy of young people. Through your foundation, you have donated and invested tens of millions of dollars to promote achievement, responsibility, and healthy living.

    In the 1990s, an investment in Cirrus Design brought you to Grand Forks and your first visit to this University’s Center for Innovation. You saw great potential in that center and in UND Aerospace.

    Since then, you have contributed more than $12 million to the University, making you one of UND’s greatest benefactors.

    Your generosity has made UND one of America’s top universities for educating and nurturing new entrepreneurs.

    You are one of this nation’s greatest supporters for the training of pilots and aerospace professionals, here and across the United States.

    Friends and colleagues know of your love for reading and sharing ideas. You are a life long learner. Your trips to this University always include time to visit with students and hear their experiences.

    In your travels across the globe, by air and by sea, and through your extraordinary accomplishments, you have shown us how live life to its fullest.

    Your magnificent record of philanthropy will make it possible for new generations of leaders and professionals to do the same.

    In recognition of these achievements, the University of North Dakota is proud to confer upon you the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters.