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    Is Banner Hanging Normal Behavior?

    I am not being facetious here, I am honestly asking because I have never followed any merger to this extent. Has anyone ever went out of their way to buy a banner like that and fly it off of their building? The same question goes for all of those print ads we have seen. Is this all normal opposition reaction?

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    The Crayola Factor

    Banners can be normal, but there is little about what Rehr and the NAB are doing that is normal. Their staunch opposition while saying that they do not compete with satellite radio is a tired and weak argument.

    in my opinion, Rehr's job is on the line at this point. He has painted himself and the organization into a corner, and he lacks the foresight to understand that what he says today will carry a direct impact on what he wants to do tomorrow.

    Rather than understand the consumer and put together a product the consumer wants, the NAB simply wants to stomp out competition.
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