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    Used (NEW) Car w/ Sirius subscription

    I bought an 08 Chyrsler with the mygig and it has Sirius activated on the radio. The car was purchased a year and a half ago and returned to the dealer after 3 months of use. It has sat on a car lot since that time. From what I can find out, with Sirius activated.

    My question is, I am not complaining about getting Sirius. I had it in the car I traded in. I could not do without it.

    I am just curious as to how I could find out how long the subscription might be w/o screwing myself (if it has just gone unnoticed or something and hasnt been taken out of the system, if it is still the complementry sub or an expired sub)

    I certainly do not want curiosity to kill the cat...

    thanks for your replies in advance.

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    We see this a bunch with radios that have been returned to us. Customers will activate them and decide they want something different or better, then send them back. There is no active account tied to the unit in your car but it still picks up the signal. One day it will fall off. When that happens, I don't know but enjoy it while it's there, then when it's gone decide if you want to activate it or not. Sat radio subscriptions are cheaper for one month of service than one night at the movies (no popcorn included). I'm sure you will be happy with the result. Once you go SAT you never go back. Regular radio just isn't the same.