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    Fast Money On CnBC = Depression T.V.

    Anybody ever get anything but doom, gloom and bust out of these characters.

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    i mean..... anything goes to help their own position right? figure out their game, learn their language and use that info.. all i can say.
    we all agree they are spin heavy, so use them to make money.

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    2 people on that show that I respect:

    1.) Dylan Rattigan (who has now left for MSNBC): Called AIG "Insurance Fraud" and did not conveniently forget to mention their single largest counter-party . . Goldman Sachs. Also called Paulson's toxic assets "a black plastic bag full of garbage"

    2.) Karen Finerman is first rate . . you'll just have to take my word on this one.

    rest are garbage

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    These people are caricaturesque... They are clowns and are in the same boat as Jim Cramer.

    Never, ever, ever buy or sell stocks based on advise or hot tips from any of these TV or internet clowns.

    Use them for entertainment purposes only.

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    Some of the easiest money I ever made was buying Tyco after three months of that idiot David Faber bashing it down to $10.00. Kozlowski and Swartz were dirty but Tyco was always a solid company. I scraped together every penny I could to buy it at that price. Almost tripled my money in a few months. Kind of sorry I sold it so soon.

    I actually like Joe Kiernan and Mark Haines. Rick Santelli is hysterical. CNBC is entertaining but I wouldn't buy or sell on their or any TV personalities advice.

    Disclosure: Long GE
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    I appreciate the posts. I have listened to these clowns claim the market is a complete bust in the making ever since Dow 6,700.

    But then on Tuesday night, they just went to another level of this depressive, gloom and doom, ranting. Everyone one of them. Then of course the market rallied to a 100 plus point gain. So, I'm sure they are just puppets for someone. But all in all, to me the make a mockery out of financial analysis.

    Have you ever watched the CNBC Asia and Europe. A few of these analysts, actually get it right. From what I've seen.