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    Stiletto 2 recording/memory issue

    I record the Howard Stern Show every night at 11:45 p.m. (I work during the day and bring the Stiletto with me in the car and don't like leaving it in the car when I go to work). Because I don't listen to six hours of Howard every day, they will build up to three or four recordings at a time. Anyway, every few weeks (roughly 4-6 weeks), it will delete the oldest recording. I have done reset and erase every time this happens. I have turned off radio replays. I have had to reset and erase on two or three occasions (I have owned the unit since November 2008).

    What should I do now? Continue doing "reset and erase"? Something else. I'm getting a little tired of losing recordings every few weeks. I should note that I usually put the unit into sleep mode, but am not diligent about the regular shutdowns of the unit.

    I went through the TSS-Radio web site for a while and they were helpful, but then they stopped answering my questions. I am hoping someone here can help.


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    One more point...last night, it only deleted the oldest recording. There are times (including about three weeks ago, the last time I ended up performing a reset and erase) that it deletes all recordings.

    The memory this time around is no more than 30 percent being used (last night's recording was the fourth HSS and there were two other Casey Kasem countdowns, one of which was deleted along with the oldest HSS from last Thursday.)

    If I could get a simple, step by step way to keep my recordings, I would be happy.

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    Keeping them will be simple. Just don't delete them. However the manner that you delete them matters the most. When you delete a recording you need to delete what you want then shut down, not sleep, the device, wait about 10 seconds, then start it back up. Doing this helps the stiletto dump and add or refragment certain memory portions. Based upon what you said it sounds like your biggest problem stems from not shutting the unit down regularly and only going into sleep mode. I am sorry if we (TSS) have slacked off in helping you. Please don't hesitate to call us or email us with an important question about your stiletto.

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    Angry Same problem here only worse

    I have had the same type of issue only I loose all my recordings every 5 weeks or so. I too record sterns and same as you I end up with a back log of shows but no where near the 100 hours and ZAPPPP I see in the display NO RECORDINGS and at that point I know there all gone. I think its Sirius doing some sort of update via satelite or internet and it erases all your saved programing from the satelite only, and they have no other way of doing it so we are stuck with this piece of junk ($300). PS they will not admit there is a issue so dont bother trying to get it out of them the the unit is defective!! and one last thing over the past 3 years they have exchanged my SL2 6 times yes 6 TIMES and all 6 times same problem!