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    from transfer agent back to etrade

    Dear SIRI enthusiasts,

    I posted a similar question earlier today about requesting stocks certificate/shares from the transfer agent for the purpose of assigning to etrade. Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to reverse this? Evidently it's already too late to do anything on etrade's side since they have completed the transfer. I want to transfer my SIRI shares back to etrade. How is this best handled?

    My understanding is that it's best to request the physical stocks certificate from the bank of new york/mellon and then endorse to etrade. The problem here is I have not received my certificates or statement. I don't want to wait several weeks to receive the statement, etc...

    Is it possible/how can I transfer my shares back to etrade the quickest?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Who would be better in knowing how to get your stocks back in the hands of Etrade, other then Etrade themselves? You will need the stocks in hand before you can do anything and I am willing to bet that there are some directions on Etrades website about how they handle taking control of actual certificates. I know Schwab does because I have had to do it for my grandfather.
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