Does the Carmel group think that we (and the FCC) are idiots or do they just not realize that many of the things listed in their "new and indepth" ping-pong chart are just a part of normal business?

1/8/01 - XM launches 2 geostationary satellites.
6/8/06 - Sirius recognizes the superiority of signals delivered from geostationary satellites and purchases their first.

This is a bit of a stretch to show competition. Perhaps they are looking for overlapping coverage? Repetitiveness is good with satellites.

11/7/05 - Sirius launches holiday promotion.
11/14/05 - XM launches marketing camapaign for holidays.

GASP!!! They are BOTH advertising for the holidays?! Will wanders never cease.

1/14/03 - XM announces agreemtn with GM
1/22/03 - Sirius announces agreement with Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.

Yes. They heard about the XM announcment, and called customer service for Chrysler and said "Id like to buy an exclusive agreement. Put it on my Visa. Ok, thanks, bye!" It takes time for these deals to happen, and it didnt "just happen" in the 8 days in between.

So many of the items in that ping pong chart are so rediculous that it is not even funny. Coming out with press releases on the same day shows competition. No, how about it shows that that is when the manufacturer TOLD them they could put them out? Both satellite services starting coverage within 2 days of each other of Pope John Paul's funeral. OMG!! Yeah, they werent going to start coverage of it before he died and it wouldnt make much sence to cover the funeral after it was already over!!

At least at the bottom of the report where they are going through the various channels, they essentially show the FCC that Satellite Radio is in fact much more diversified than terrestrial radio. There, they hit the nail on the head.