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    06-21-2007, 01:47 AM #1

    2007 World Series of Poker on Siriuis

    I don't know if just because you have a "world series" it makes what you do a sport nonetheless I noticed on the Sirius sports channel 122 is giving live play by play for those of you who are interested.

    The remaining shows are slated to air from 5 pm ET to 3 am ET on
    Sat. 6/23, Sun. 6/24, Mon. 6/25, Sat. 6/30, Sun. 7/1, Wed. 7/4, and Tues. 7/17

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    pretty cool

    I am sure it is not mainstream, but niche programming such as this is what makes satellite radio special. The poker stuff is great on television. Properly announced it can be interesting on radio as well
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    Are there any more plans to air another series? I love WSP on TV and am wondering how this will play out. Did anyone hear these broadcasts? How were they?

    I know the poker market if big right now but on TV you can see all the cards. I am wondering how it performs with pure audio. I doubt if it can be pulled off.

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    2007 World Series of Poker on Siriuis

    World Soccer Daily is the best show on satellite radio, bar none. Better than Stern, better than Ferrall.

    Good news to hear that they signed a new contract with Sirius... have emailed Steve to see if the new contract allows for an XM simulcast.