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    09-13-2010, 09:54 AM #81
    ▶Cancel Sirius online◀

    Well, my experience was terrible so far... three calls to the main number, 3 times transferred, 3 times disconnected. First time after 35 minutes, 2nd time after 47 minutes. I only have a cell phone, what a pain! Third time wife called from her work, and asked to speak to a supervisor; was refused, and was told she could only be transferred to "customer relations", where she was disconnected after 65 minutes of waiting.

    Fortunately there is no valid credit card for them to charge onto, but I'm sure it will continue to accrue over time.

    I have no idea how to proceed at this point. I am positive that I will NEVER sign up for this again.

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    09-13-2010, 01:35 PM #82
    Apparently attempt #4 was the charm... wife successfully canceled the account. We have 6 months in which to change our mind if we wish to and incur no re-activation fee. She was only on hold 10 minutes this time around...

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    I tried to cancel today. I called at 7:55 PM EST and was connected to a person around 8:05. Only about 10 minutes. When I told them I was canceling because my free trial ran out, the woman credited my account for another free two months (longer than my initial trial). I can't honestly complain. Not only was I able to call late (great for me since I'm in classes all day), but I was able to talk to a person within 15 minutes. I've spent 45 minutes and up on some other service's call lines.

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    More Cancellation problems

    My experience with Serius-XM is a masterpiece of taking a loyal customer and alienating him into an arch enemy of all things XM. I intentionally had subscribed to XM using cash, no credit card to avoid any automatic renewal and has subscribed for SEVEN years, and enjoyed the service. Then it was time to move on, and had all gone well I might easily have re-upped in a year or two. But no. HECK no. I figured when the 2 year chunk of time I had last paid for lapsed, they would solicit my renewal, when they didnt get it, cancel my service, end of story. Hah!. They started calling me incessantly and each time I would tell them no thanks, I am no longer interested. They would tell me you have to cancel in writing, I would say, no, I didnt order anything, I am telling you now. They never stopped. Then I started getting bills adding late charges. The implication of course is now I was obligated to pay for something I had not ordered and If I didnt they would send me to collections and mess with my credit rating. When I finally got mad and started calling customer service I entered the labyrinth of Hell. They would pass me around saying they would cancel my (not ordered) service but I would still owe for a few months from before. One representative even had the gall to say let me tell you how it worksif you read the fine print, any subscription obligated you to automatic renewal NO MATTER WHAT. Thats the way it is. (His exact words.) I replied let ME tell you how it works. A struggling company jerks around a previous loyal customer, you get into a legal battle, you make enemies, you go out of business. I finally was referred to Internal Collections, who got it that I wasnt going away, that I WOULD fight them, through court if necessary, and agreed that I had a zero balance now. I got a bunch of confirmation numbers , but I am not sure it is over. One thing that IS over is any support or recommendation of any kind for a service that I had previously enjoyed. What a business model!

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    Wow - that story is pure hell.

    For whatever reason, I got off easy. I had a yearly deal with my Stilleto. When it $hit the bed, I cancelled, and even got a pro rated credit. I got a few e-mails, and they did try to get me to stay by giving me service, but I told them I needed a device to listen to their service. They wouldn't cough up a new Stilleto. I bought the damn thing when it first came out.... paid a small fortune for it. I was pissed about that.

    They may have tried to call. We have caller ID; I simply don't answer the phone if I don't know who it is. Many 800 calls ring through and leave no message.

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    OK, I see there has been no update to this for some time so I thought I would add my experience. I tried to Google "cancel Sirius how" and this forum came up first. It seems there has been some heated discussion, with several of you insisting that no, it is quite easy to cancel your Sirius account. Just as has been described here, the folks answering the main number transfer you to "Listener Care" saying it will take only 1 or 2 minutes. They seem to be speaking from a script as they said the same thing both times I called. The first time I called I was put on hold for 20 minutes until the line finally went dead. The second time I asked for a supervisor but the person insisted that the supervisor would not be able to cancel the account either. I was on hold for about 15 minutes and the person offered me 1 free month of internet service which I declined. She was polite and responsive.
    So not TOO bad, but I was beginning to wonder...

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    05-04-2011, 10:55 PM #87
    I didn't have any trouble when I stopped my sirius subscription. Just told them I wanted to cancel one of my three receivers and it just took a couple of minutes. I have called the CSR's on numerous occasions and they have always taken care of my needs in a very professional manner and I have never had to call them back a second time.

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    05-12-2011, 02:25 AM #88
    I've heard of the nightmares of cancelling but I would like to think they have resolved this issue. By the way, why would you cancel anyways????

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    I attempted to cancel my Sirius subscription today and had to call Sirius three times. Apparently there is a department that cancels subscriptions. When you call, you are placed in a que for 20+ minutes. After 3 attempts, I contacted American Express and banned Sirius from transactions on my card for the next four years. They are pulling a scam to prevent people from cancelling, just like AOL did a decade ago. Unfortunately for them, when I banned them from my Amex, it will cancel two other subscriptions being charged to my account by default. Internet radio is much easier to deal with!

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    Block them from your credit card. That works well!

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