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    Quote Originally Posted by HHahn View Post
    I will Matt as soon as I get a chance. I'm in the middle of a move so maybe a couple of days, TY for your asistance!!, HH
    Not a problem. I look forward to your call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHahn View Post
    First off, TY everyone for your help. I did the recovery as stated. It worked well for 36 hours. Then I turned it on to an error stating it needed to be recovered and to hook it to the computer, so I did it again. Occasionally now I get a message stating "subsription updated", then goes to home screen. I still have to pull the battery out to get it to start up. The unit will also go from sleep mode into shut down mode if left in sleepo mode overnight. As far as I know this wasnt an issue previously. Regardless I feel like Im chasing my tail here to get this thing to function correctly. It sucks because I really used this thing frequently and enjoy its capabilities. Are there any oter options besides replacing the whole thing? I see them advertised on Ebay as just the Stiletto 2 with no battery, cover or accesories, which is fine with me. Supposedly theyre new. I may go that route if I have to. Its $180, vs $300, kinda makes sense. Id appreciate any further input. Thanks HH

    Sounds like we have the same problem and it is a unit fault. I take it you are out of warranty but give sirius a call and see what they say, They did not question me at all-almost seemed like they new of the problem. I bought the unit from Visions electronics (Canada) and not thru sirius. They did not ask were I bought it from and when it was bought. If not sounds like Matt here is the man to talk too.
    Just my 2 cents... can't hurt to try tho!

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