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    How many 50 feet cables can I use

    Does any one know just how many 50 foot extension cables I can use for my Sirius Sportster 5, I'm using one now with the car antenna attached to a pop-corn-lid with a clear view of the sky, outside on the side of my house, but, I want to put that setup on my roof, and I have a flat roof on my house, with a Direct-TV-dish, the Sirius home antenna, just didn't work as well as the car antenna does, I heard that you can only go up to 150 feet of extension cable, before your signal turns weak form too much cable? anyone know?

    NEVERMIND..............the one 50 foot was enough, over the weekend I was able to get the magnetic Car Antenna on the roof, I attached it to a metal round metal dome agout 6 feet off the roof, and I can report that I get the full 3-bars of the SAT-on the Signal Indicator, unfortunately, I don't have a Terrestrial Signal, like XM does, that's why I could not use the Sirius home antenna, like I can with XM, but here's the good news, even tho I don't need this with XM, it even works on my XMP3
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