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    The best sirius satellite radio receiver??

    I'm new here and I'm from Puerto Rico. I want to subscribe to Sirius because I've read that even though it's not "official", you can still get a pretty good reception here, and there are some people who have it (I don't personally know any here). I want to get a subscription, and I would also like the best Sirius satellite radio receiver available, so I can get the best reception.
    I've been looking into the stiletto 2 because of all the features it has and the wifi (which is great in case I'm at home and can't get a good satellite signal), but I've also been reading that it has a lot of problems, and I'm also wondering if most of these have been fixed since it was released. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on something that won't end up working, especially when I'll just be a first time subscriber...
    If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on the matter, please feel free to share them, I would really appreciate it.....which do you think is the best receiver for my situation???

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    I think that the Stiletto 2 would be ideal for your situation, especially inside your home with wifi. The stiletto 2 does have problems just like any electronic device. But to every problem there is also a solution. Many people that have the stiletto 2 don't understand how to use it properly and have a lot of problems that they create for themselves. It isn't a complicated device at all. Many people don't realize that it is like a small computer in that it likes to be shut off and turned back on instead of just being put into sleep mode like almost everyone does. Also, once you delete a recording or a series of recordings it is a good idea to shut off the device and turn it back on. I think the stiletto 2 would be great for you and if you follow the instructions and take my advice you should be very happy with it.