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    What happens with Opie and Anthony?

    From what I read on Tom Taylor's Radio-Info newsletter their CBS syndication deal is up in March 08. Also the newsletter said their ratings on KRock are trailing the rest of the broadcast day on the station.

    Personally I hope O&A stay with satellite radio but this syndication thing to me is nuts. How can satellite radio let big name content be shared with its biggest competitor - Terrestrial radio? To me thats simply stupid media business. Media is all about exclusive content.

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    I think Mel knows that and I think once this merger thing happens he will be cleaning up these kinds of lose ends.
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    XM was forced to do a lot because of a cash squeeze. Sell/lease back their satellites, release channels to (clear channel I think?) which they were forced by a court to allow commercials on, releasing NasCar to Sirius's overbid, syndicating content to terrestrial, and (no proof, but I think) failing to come to an agreement with the RIAA over the storage of music on their portables which they are now being sued for.

    I think it has a lot to do with the money squeeze, and they did not want to sell more shares because of dilution. That is completely my opinion, mind you.

    After the merger, Mel and company will be in a much better position to limit this HUGE mistake (IMHO), but they will have to wait for contracts to expire and whatnot. I am not sure how the radio deal with clear channel works, so Im not sure about that one. It will take a little while to clean up all the dirty issues, but it will get done. That will cost them money (in lost revenue) though, so they may not act on it right away until they get their bottom line cleaned up just a tad.

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    To O&A's credit I did hear that the ratings for their show on terrestrial ratings were very low. One would have to assume that is because the die hard listeners followed them to XM.

    I wonder if Howard could get the ratings he use to get if his show were syndicated. I am sure his most dedicated listeners have followed him to satellite. It is just a testament that quality content is enough to make people take the leap.