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    Ok I stand corrected on my theory then. It really is just about Howard trying to extract additional money out of SiriusXM then. His ego is really out of control-he cant stand the idea that anything can happen without him getting additional money, even if in the end he does better because what is good for siri is good for him and his massive stock holdings.

    Howard needs to show some good faith and willingness to help the company that so massively overpaid him in the first place. He perpetuates this fantasy that he has saved sirius, that all of the subs are his, etc, etc, when in fact he is the chief reason that the industry is in this situation to begin with.

    He's really a petty man that doesn't understand that iphone sub revenue will improve the balance sheet and improve the stock price. SIRI cannot allow the app to be a cash loser between internet radio royalties and his demands.

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    Is this little piggy gonna make it to .40 today? Anybody?

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    Can someone in the know fill me in on the ins and outs of Howard's set up? Theres some speculation that there is a rights issue because of in-demand. What exactly is this referring to? And is it possible that he actually wants to cooperate (not extract more money) but rights are restricted by some third party?

    Or is his only agreement between himself and SiriusXM, and the in-demand rights are something that he retained for himself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsandy View Post
    Is this little piggy gonna make it to .40 today? Anybody?

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    in demand is howarss channel, its called howard tv, you can order it and u get to watch stern do his show, and alot of other cool behind the scenes stuff, just think its liek his e show except a thousand tims more material. its great i enjoy it. some people dont even listen to stern anymore just just watch his daily shows on howard tv and anything good that happened will get replayed on there and u will get the full video as oppossed to just the audio. no clue why that would have anything to do with it, to me its just howards agent playing hardball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trippingthespeculatingpos View Post
    the company is bankrupt? stern was paid alot of his 500 million with stock, that he still owns. stern has taken a massive paycut when the stock dropped believe it or not. plz be careful the words u decide to throw around, specially the bk word
    Do we know if Howard still holds SIRI. Management's sale of stock reported to the SEC is brisk. They aren't holding.

    One must admit that the financial health of SIRI is certainly questionable at best. That's what I took away knowing that SIRI has not passed on one micro bit of "value" to its' stockholders.

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