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    Article: Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Jim Cramer

    Since Jim Cramer repeatedly has a lot to say about Sirius XM, in case you haven't read it, there is an interesting Motley Fool Article from a few days ago. It is titled "Why You Shouldn't Listen to Jim Cramer." Here is the link:

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    I get a kick out of people who take Cramer for anything more than what he entertainer. The screaming, the sound effects, and the blatantly obvious stock recommendations he consistently spouts is meant more for the entertainment of those who just overall enjoy the stock market. Arguements have been made over how correct or incorrect he is. They're all moot points, because in the overall picture, Jim Cramer is no different than any of the other talking heads you see on your local sports casting show.

    He's a person with an opinion that a lot of people seem to enjoy enough to follow.

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