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    06-19-2009, 11:30 PM #1

    Advertising - Finally!!!

    Tonight I was riding the New York City subway and noticed someone reading a full page ad in the New York Post for the new 7 day free trial for the Sirius XM iPhone application. It was in the first few pages of the newspaper. The New York Post is one of three large circulation newspapers in New York (The New York Times, Daily News, and New York Post).

    Just as I suspected, the company waited to do paid advertising until they had this offering as a reality.

    Anyone else notice any other advertising?

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    Yahoo Finance was advertising the app on the front page on launch day.

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    I hate to burst someones bubble, but the best talent on SiriusXM cannot be heard through this iphone application. This application will be a non-factor overall I believe.

    SiriusXM really dropped the ball on this one.

    A Siriusly disappointed,