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    stiletto problems... need your help... PLEASE!


    Hi all, I am new to the forum and need your help.

    Here is my first question... I had a stiletto 10 and whenever i would record say a two or three hour block of music when i got done there would be 10-20 of "radio replay" from the channels i recorded from. unfortunately my new stiletto 2 does not do this. currently, i am getting no radio replays whatsoever.

    so, question number 1: what do i have to do to get the long (or any for that matter) "radio replays"?

    here is my second and less important rant...

    My Sirius history... i bought the status about a year ago and never have had any issues with it... called to get it hooked up and one year later still no problems at all with it. in fact, i had such a good first year with sirius that i decided to get the stiletto so that i could record music at home and have something to listen to at work (i work in the basement of a hospital where i get no signals or any type of wifi). being the cheap person that i am, i elected to get the sirius stiletto 10 from b/c it was 79 usd (refurbished). long story short, i have a ton of issues with the SL10 and end up sending it back to sirius for a refund. since i had already paid for an extra year of service for the sl10 and i had my heart set on recording music and shows i decided to shell out the big bucks and get the sl20 in hopes that it would be better. i got it and have had unsuccessfull recordings (for instance tried to record BTLS and got a message while i tried to play it that said 'file empty - cant play'). tried to record btls again and it recorded the 1st 8mins of a 3 hour show and then mysteriously stops for no apparent reason. i decided to do the most recent updates in hope that they would resolve these issues... i finally get the updates to match what they were supposed to (i.e. zap add, broadbase, et cet) and then my service is mysteriously gone and it says that i have to call to activate it... i get on the phone with customer service and the lady sends signal like 10 times and nothing works... finally she suggests the device recovery... finally get it done and start getting music again. sorry for the looonnngggg story... but, here is question number 2: are the stiletto's really this crappy or am i just having some bad luck?

    your help and insight is appreciated!!

    good day and best regards,


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    I responded to your other post. Welcome to Sirius Buzz!