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    Question reception indoors

    Hi everyone I have a Stilletto 100, and a home dock for it. I work in a auto manufacturing plant and there is no way I could get an antenna onto the roof, or out a door. How can I get reception inside? I am near a doorway that is open sometimes however I can not run an antenna cable up, or on the floor to get outside. Do they make an antenna that does not use a cable, like a digital signal that I could put up outside and get the signal inside? Thank you.

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    This website probably can help you.

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    I have a friend that is able to get reception from his Stilletto inside an office building in downtown Rochester NY, he doesn't sit near a window either. He actually can get live reception anywhere in the building, must be a repeater nearby that's boosting the signal....

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    Get one of these or something like it......problem solved.

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    The Echo may help but may not

    The Echo transmitter will work only if two things are present:
    1. You have a way to power it.
    2. You are about 75 feet or less from your receiver.

    The 75 feet quickly gets shorter if you have to transmit through floors/walls etc.

    Sometimes you are better off with antenna extenders. Although the package tells you can only use 2 of them for 100 ft max, I've personally used 5 and extended the reach close to 300 feet.

    Other options are to put a fm transmitter to the radio to re-broadcast up to 1 mile distance to a FM radio.

    My suggestion is to post this question over at the DRC ( ) there are a lot of people who have knowledgable about this unit as well as other solutions who can give you some help.
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    The Stilletto receives WIFI - have you tried accessing a WIFI signal where you work yet?

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    No I have not tried the WiFi yet, but I will try this week. Thank you.

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    This is what I did Gary. I ordered a whole house transmitter from Dagco Electronics at but I see that the Dagco site is currently down at Amazon sooo, here's a link from eBay for ya.

    Take a look at that baby and let me tell you, I ordered one of those instead of the less powerfull 150ft. gold transmitter and the Dagco transmitter will transmit over 1/4 mile! I wanted to make sure that I could receive reception through a brick wall and into a metal roofed building with lots of metal inside. This transmitter is smokin'! Plenty of power to do the job and then some.

    I just went to Radio Shack and got me a 12volt 2 way adaptor for my 12volt plug in my Jeep, plugged it into my Jeep's 12V adapter and then plugged my S50 to one side and the Dagco transmitter into the other side. It is very very minimal drain on the vehicle battery, I can't even tell it's being used and I leave it on all day at work. My Jeep cranks right up at the end of the day.

    What do I use to listen to the transmitted Sirius signal? Also a Radio Shack product. These am/fm stereo headphones for 19.95 are great! And no wires to get in the way either. Just set the FM channel on the headset to match your Dagco transmitter channel and boom, you have Sirius radio in the workplace. You can't beat this headset for 19.95 man. Try this out if you can't get a WiFi signal for your Stiletto at work. Good luck!

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    Hi everyone I tried the WiFi at my work, and it said Galaxy 3. Then it said that my device does not support this format?