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    Bear Stearns and Cowan - Very Positive Comments

    Excerpts from Broadcasting and Cable

    “Our contacts down there suggest that the merger will go through and it will happen in the next 30-45 days,” said Robert Peck, Bear Stearns managing director and senior analyst, speaking Tuesday at the ISCe Satellite Investment Symposium here.

    Cowen & Co. managing director and senior research analyst Thomas Watts was also bullish on the merger’s prospects, saying that he thought it would get approved and that the two companies would soon offer interoperable radios that would be able to receive satellite signals from both companies’ satellites.

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    Good Find

    Very good find. The coming weeks should be very interesting. With both Sirius and XM rumored to be having their conference calls before the end of October, analysts will be issuing reports, and the merger is likely to be a point discussed in those reports.

    Analysts can no longer sit on the fence regarding this merger. Already, a few have come out with odds of over 60%. I think we will see more joining that pack in the next few weeks.
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