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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post

    So in the end why dont you step back look at the big picture and see what Mel has been able to accomplish in such a short time.
    November 18, 2004 Share Price $4.72

    Is this what you mean by stepping back and looking at the big picture?

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    Well Melvin, talk to the shareholders !

    Mark Ramsey has an interesting bit on a research infotainment devices from VW which is linked here , it has a short video and only mentions Sirius in the context of the head unit being all in one.

    what message does this video give out, imho the dashboard will be opened up for any service which is willing to pay the freight to oems. or share the revenue pie with auto makers. they have become a toll-booth to the captive auto listeners. I suspect this is why the sirius/xm deals were all extended by the tends to give the oems some leverage when setting fees for new content providers looking to enter the dash. and would think the deals serve to protect the sirius/xm distribution platform as well.

    with that said, if that is case. i wonder what the fcc will think about its open device requirement for sdars, as it now looks,to me. to be a toothless lazy old tiger content to just lay in the sun.

    It features an all-new "infotainment" in-dash system that features all kinds of interactive content along with a handy, dandy AM/FM radio (and not the HD kind).

    The thing you need to understand about this (inevitable) technology is this: Anything that occupies space with a radio and consumes the same attention and time as a radio competes with a radio and substitutes for a radio.

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    So just back from a job in Europe in time to watch GM put into bankruptcy.
    What was that you were saying JohnnyIrishXM and Reimor (?) about bankruptcy?
    I believe you guys said it wasnt going to happen and i said it would. And I said it would be the bondholders that would prevent a deal allowing GM from avoiding bankruptcy.
    Still holding to that position?
    Which all goes back to what I said when i first came on this site. Nothing much
    is going to happen to the stock price until all the car companies messes are
    behind us. Anyway....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim wallick View Post

    when i read the license as issued by the fcc they defined sdars as aural and by default the fcc left the door open for this merger, as they also indicated sirius and xm would be competing with many delivery platforms for listeners, and listed (defined) them.this was no long shot on the merger passing.the only point was where mel claimed the section on no merger was never passed as law and was subjective..imho he was correct.and a court would have most likely agreed.

    if sirius and xm wanted they could have combined things/efforts along the way over the years as when i read the license it said they must compete for body said they could not advertise in a combined effort for sales or even buying common parts via a shared contract for better leverage.

    during 2004 i made these same claims,and blame both sirius/xm for not leveraging this industry against the other delivery platforms.

    I think share holders have been shortchanged on many occasions where they could have served the industry and both services as a collective effort.

    Tim leaving the door open a crack and having a door stoper after in the form of the rule that stated that one company will not be allowed to own the whole amount of spectrum given to both left the idea of the merger at best a remote chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    Fine, they had a strategic reason for not getting to market with the nicemac iPhone app six months ago and then simply squashing it once their own app was ready. Lets assume that for a second... now, are you honestly saying that there is a chance that delaying the release of their own app could somehow be beneficial to the company?

    Charles what I am saying is that, I think they had their reasons for waiting. What those reasons where I dont know and nether do you. Charles, while you may think you are more intelligent then all the people at SIRIXM, I dont. It all gos back to that jackass that would come up to me and say you should try this or that, not having a clue what was already discussed or may have been researched and found to be a losing deal for reasons he could not even begin to think of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J56D View Post
    November 18, 2004 Share Price $4.72

    Is this what you mean by stepping back and looking at the big picture?

    First of all that PPS was because of hype of Stern and Mel coming to SIRI. So while you want to blame Mel for the PPS dropping you have to give him credit for it even getting that high in the first place.

    Mar. 3rd, 2003, Share price .47

    That is what is ment by looking at the big picture.

    I will also repost this: "Which brings up a point with Charles not thinking getting this merger through was to costly (or at what price). First of all it could be very easy to debate the issue of where would the companies be without the merger. I think it is safe to say at least one and most likely both would have been bankrupt by now. There was an article put out by a NAB sponsored site that talked about the fact that if there was one company asking for the size of spectrum in the first place, that would be given to SIRI if the merger were to take place then there would be noone out there that would think it possible that the FCC would give that one company that much power. That is the kind of merger Mel got through, He did what noone thought possible at the time. You can say "at what price", I say while the price was high to get the merger. The alternative had a even higher price that no share holder of ether company wanted to pay."
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