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    mixed optimisim

    We are starting to get more negative signals now with this stock. Very low volume today and there are lots of people on the sidelines. I don't think investors thought SIRI and XM had to deal with much more DOJ/FCC issues. Some thought we would have a merger in Oct. Now we are looking at November with 10 other hurdles to go...

    Although I am bullish on SIRI, I may put in a stop loss around $3. I believe there will be more downside then I previously thought. What are the chances of SIRI getting aquired if the merger does not go through?

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    I would venture to say that there are indeed many people on the sidelines. It is because of that that I tend to believe that analysts that say the merger is built into the share prices of these stocks simply are off of the mark.

    In my opinion, "SAFETY" is built into these stocks. The arbitrage spread has narrowed, but it would seem to indicate that people are not in to the extent, and not out to the extent taht many think. I think people are simply playing it safe, and are ready to jump into action when something concrete happens.
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