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    Should Sirius even want to merge at this point?

    With XM's lead over Sirius steadily diminishing and the recent backlash of subscribers over the Opie and Anthony debacle causing even more fall out, how excited could Sirius possibly be about merging? Surely at this point they wouldn't be nearly as upset if the merger is not allowed.

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    As a current XM subscriber (I know, I know- I got it as a gift) I can't wait for my subscription to expire so I can sign up with Sirius. I love satelite radio but it seems like XM is getting worse and worse. Between the increase in frequency and amount of commercials and now the BS with O&A I've about had enough. I used to think that satelite radio was satelite radio and that there was no difference between companies if you weren't a Howard listener but XM has continued to go downhill while Sirius does nothing but get better from what I'm hearing.

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    Sirius does get better and better. Personally, I can't keep up with the improvements because I devote my time to BTLS and when it's not on, I download MP3 archived shows to replay at my convenience to cach up on what I missed. Kick in a little music, the kind you'll never hear on regular radio. It doesn't take long to hone in on something that catches your ear, unlike TV where you can flip through all the channels 3 times and still not find anything interesting. I can really appreciate the freedom of expression on satellite radio in contrast to the commercial laden scripted babbel so common on terrestrial radio. I look forword to it every day and those that I share it with become subscribers as well.

    As far as the merger, I wasn't really for it, but the advantages from a business standpoint of a merged company are strong, More content really means nothing to me as I'm already maxxed out on what I can listen to. A merged company also addresses the interoperability between the two platforms that were supposed to be addressed this year anyway.