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    Stiletto new antenna headphones

    When can I get those new headphones for my Stiletto 100? Will they be available at Best Buy? Did you try them on Tyler? I know they are over the ear and padded ( which I love, I wore the old in your ear headphones once and never again) but are they in the shape of a human head? I put the old headphones on and looked in the mirror and told my wife I look like a Martian. They stuck out on the sides of the head. They were just horrendous. Will these new headphones fit?
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    new headphones

    yes I tried the headphones, and they are quite nice. Natural and comfortable fit, and great sound. A winner in my book.

    I was told they will be available this fall as a stand alone product. Whether big box stores will carry them is unclear.

    TSS Radio will likely sell them as a separate item, but I will need to confirm it with them.
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    That's good because I can't stand the headphones I have for the stiletto 10.

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    Much needed accessory reply.

    Do we know who will be manufacturing this headphone?

    Are there many options:i.e.; Colors, quality, Style?

    Looking forward to any option for this peripheral.

    Let' keep investigating. I'd buy one yesterday.

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    altec lansing

    The manufacturer is altec lansing - Black in color

    here is an article from the show.
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