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    Angry Stiletto 100 broken

    Hi everyone about three months ago i purchased a brand new Stiletto 100. It was working great, and then all of the sudden i could not get satelite radio to play. I could only get it to play out of the library. I called Sirius and they tried sending a new signal, tried using the USB plug and nothing worked. Finally Sirius product support told me they would send me a NEW unit since it is covered by a 12 month warranty. Today the "new" unit arrived and i opened it up to find that the dial has scratches on it and the back has some small dents on it like it was dropped. I am extremely mad about this tonight i called Sirius and talked to a supervisor and she told me that they can send reconditioned units even though i was promised a new one? I think this is very poor considering that i spent almost $300.00 dollars for the unit, and $400.00 for the lifetime membership. The supervisor told me that it is very rare for the warehouse to get new units? So this 12 month warranty means that you will most likely get someone elses problem unit. At this point i am VERY disappointed at Sirius and looking for options. Thank you.

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    Well it looks like you must of got my unit. My unit got a dent in the back and the power button broke. But it did work.

    I got a new unit from Sirius and it works freaking awesome.

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    That is unfortunate. One thing I highly recommend is that you deal with a retailer that does well with their own customer service, rather than some of the big box stores. A retailer sometimes has better pull to get problems such as this resolved for you. While your warranty is not the retailers issue, good ones will assist you however they can.

    I would express your concerns to Sirius in an e-mail and explain that you are a lifetime subscriber, and desire to have a unit that is new.

    Hope this helps a bit. It may not solve this problem, but could be helpful in the future.
    Tyler Savery
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    Exclamation Stiletto 100 broken

    Just an update for everyone on my broken Stiletto 100. I made numerous phone calls to Sirius, and even talked to a supervisor all with the same result. I am basically forced to keep the reconditioned unit they sent me. I am still very unhappy about this whole situation. I will also send Sirius an e-mail tonight about this. My wife bought this unit as a surprise b-day present for me. At the time of purchase these units were a little hard to find, and she thought that buying directly from Sirius was the best thing to do. When i called customer service today one of their own people told me "between me and you this return policy is the reason i do not have Sirius satellite radio" !! I now feel even more confident with my reconditioned unit. Oh well cross my fingers!!

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    10-05-2007, 10:48 AM #5 do you like Sirius?

    If you really hate the refurb unit....just tell them its broken and send it back and see what they send you the second time around. Maybe it will be the new unit you hope and dream of.