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    Watch the morons on the Yahoo boards today

    Saying that the deal isn't going to to happen because Copps talked negative yesterday. Of course nobody realizes that there are 3 Republicans and only 2 Democrat commissioners on the FCC. And of course nobody realizes that Democrat Copps practically talks against every media merger that has ever happened.

    But who needs logic??? Certainly not the Yahoo boards. LOL

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    Copps statement had a profound inpact on the stock, wiping out about 8% from yesterdays high. I believe Copps is the "DC contact" that Jacoby speaks about. I also believe there is a conspiracy between Copps, Jacoby, NAB, and UBS to stop this merger. I feel an investigation into this conspiracy will result in criminal charges.
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    Knee Jerk Reactions

    What we see happening are knee jerk reactions to news. This kind of reaction demonstrates, and quite clearly I might add, that the merger is not built into the price. There are plenty of people sitting on the fence, or simply sitting on the sidelines.

    Commissioners Copps and Adelstein were always the potential negative votes in this process. This is not really news. What would be news is if one of them came out favorably in the merger.

    Is Copps looking for concessions? Could be. Will he get them? That depends on how Sirius and XM feel the other commissioners will vote.

    Sirius, XM, and their consultants see billions in merger synergies. Concessions should be expected, and are very affordable if these synergies can come to fruition.

    What we are now seeing (IMO) is the posturing that would be expected in the final phase of the process.
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    Can you imagine if Sirius goes up on this news today? That would be something else. Fun to watch the reactions. LOL