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    04-26-2009, 02:08 PM #11
    just the more reason to me that her deal is worthless now, any1 who would of signed up cause of oprah has already realized oprahs channel is worthless and found other stuff to listen to on siri hopefully or canceled. get rid of her!

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    04-28-2009, 05:01 AM #12
    I have said all along re-activate all of the old deactivated units for some short items for your top talent,sports,news. promote your own material where ever you can within your own network.

    I think Sirius failed to promote within the context of the Internet ,i hardly ever have Sirius/xm advertisements come up during my on-line search. and if it comes up for me what good is it as i already have some understanding of what the service is.

    even the you-tube video effort which began in 2005 and could be a very viral marketing tool has very little content offered on-line or even a history for sdars or other related links to talent which is really sad.

    where are the u-tube videos for all the past promotions telling everybody about free on-line listening periods. or how you may be able to re-activate units in certain models of used cars.

    I honestly think sdars could have done much more then they have on-line to benefit the company and shareholders

    going forward just audio wont be enough for consumers except in the front row of the moving auto you better have an audio/video element and it must be tied into a strong on line presence which embraces and interacts with the consumer and public.

    its all about show and tell wheres the promtional material for the weather service,travellink and or backseat-tv and radio with a national reach.

    I also think they could start some type online local community websites directed toward some of the primary earthly radio markets and tie in a element of related local advertisments which would be legal.

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