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    Quote Originally Posted by trippingthespeculatingpos View Post
    i dont tink its a big deal, maybe effects it short term but shouldnt **** with the price too long. im looking for .50's tommorow and if im wrong i will cry.
    I think your right about it not effecting the SP to long but, the added 1B in share Authorization (8-9B) is a concern to the new investor who didn't go through this in the Fall already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cos1000 View Post
    Check out the Investor Relations page at and you will see what probably brought the price down today....
    BTW, the Preliminary Proxy does have a few new items in it:

    • Sirius is voting on increasing the max number of common shares from 8BB to 9BB;
    • Sirius is looking to extending the ability to do a reverse split from 12/31/09 to 06/30/10;
    • Sirius is looking to vote in 12 members to the Board of Directors, including -- Joan L. Amble, Leon D. Black, Lawrence F. Gilberti, Eddy W. Hartenstein, James P. Holden, Chester A. Huber, Jr., Mel Karmazin, John W. Mendel, James F. Mooney, Gary M. Parsons, Jack Shaw and Jeffrey D. Zients

    I also note that they point out that Liberty has only filled 3 of their alloted 6 Board seats -- to Gregory B. Maffei, John C. Malone and David J.A. Flowers. They go on to note that Liberty has indicated that they will not fill the other seats yet.

    I'll add that Sirius also did not award any bonuses (yet) for 2008. They note that they "believed it was prudent to defer consideration of such bonuses while we worked to refinance our near term debt and improve our liquidity. The Compensation Committee may consider annual bonuses with respect to the year ended December 31, 2008 later in 2009."

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    Homer..... and there you go, on top of things per usual....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demian View Post
    It was properly advertised and it clearly stated that one word posts would not count towards the total. I read all of the fine print and the contest was even extended with an announcement, but I guess they forgot to ever announce a winner........figures.

    I want my XMP3........and I want it now!

    My new site will be called SiriusBuzzWaves.......

    Just to clarify....the contest was advertised clearly at the top of the forums, but not many people were posting in the forums at that time. I sent a message to Charles about starting the intraday thread and tried to encourage people posting other places to post in the forum. It slowly got much more popular. It was then announced that the contest was going to be extended until the end of last year. The lucky winner was never announced and that lucky winner was me! I still have more posts than anyone on this board and I was the clear winner. I want my XMP3 player now! I deserve it...

    BTW.......I was joking about the threat of starting a new site and calling it SiriusBuzzWaves. I would think of a better name for the site than that.....

    You can't have contests and then never give the prize away.......

    Where's my ****ing radio?

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    haha demian obviously you can, and where u at dude! I need you to talk me through this whole dropping to the .40's thingy haha

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    Alright found the SEC document... WHOA WHOA WHOA.... Why the hell would they want 9 billion shares? I take it they are planning to dilute the hell out of the stock once we reach a certain price and then hit us with the RS???

    Sometimes this company can really piss you off! Things are going well then they come up with this bullshit, what the hell??

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    Paratrooper Rick

    I am glad you posted to help clear the air. Misunderstanding can happen quite easily. The messages I received seemed to indicate that there was a recruiting effort happening. You are saying that this was not the case, and I would rather give the benefit of the doubt with regard to what transpired. All I can say is that it had every appearance of being a systematic recruiting effort. If you are stating that this was not the case, I will believe you.

    The other item that I would like to see cleared up is the postings and discussions about censorship. I am not sure what you were told, but there was never a censorship issue here. I also never told anyone that certain subjects were off limits. With regard to Hartlieb, I did state quite clearly that when writing about him that all of us needed to be careful with our words. Having known Michale for over three years, and having spoken to him many times, I understand (perhaps better than most) what he is trying to accomplish. I have stated many times that I do not necessarily agree with what he is doing, but I do understand it. I also understand that he is/was more than capable of making life very difficult for this site if he chose to do so.

    To be clear, there were additional issues outside of Hartlieb that needed consideration. I have chosen to leave those issues out of this discussion. I simply could not sit and watch the credibility of what this site has built up get eroded.

    Sometimes people (not speaking of you or Brandon, but general people) look at sites such as this and see a virtual ATM machine. I can assure you that this is not the case. The amount of time invested is huge, and the financial rewards simply do not measure up. In tough economic times, it can be a real challenge to justify the amount of time it takes to operate a site such as this. As you venture off into your own site, I can only hope that you will gather an appreciation for all of the efforts that it takes to make a good site, and the small mistakes that can wipe a site out in a blink of an eye. Running a site is a learning process every day.

    I wish you guys the best, and hope that going forward things can be far more smooth.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    yeah you guys are right,i od' on bashing them. im sorry to SB posters for dragging done saying anything negative about them. .......cant find any newswire release about the proxy so i cant connect it with a time except that its on the SIRIUS website, i dont think it would have that fast an impact on the takedown nor anything negative to stall the stock. i still believe its just profit taking or a headfake. i'm also not too concened with where its at vs. my .88 avg. the Q1 will not be great, but still waiting on iphone app and non decreasing car sales which will give the stock a more truer value...ty

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    either way, tomorrow is when we get the answer to todays crazyiness and to see how the market reacts to the proxy news after fully absorbing it. if it drops then obviously the dillution is damaging. if it goes beyond todays high sometime over the next few days then it was a headfake. if it hangs around .55 , then it was just profit taking...i think that explain todays madness, which no one knows the answer as to why it really happened. we'll find out and gl

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    yes yes to the time machine!!!

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