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    I pen this to give a bit of detail to those who are wondering. Sirius Buzz is alive and well. Over the past weeks there have been some differences of opinion at the site. I am not one to air out laundry, so I will leave it at that. Because of this it was decided that Brandon would run another site as his own, and no longer be a writer on Sirius Buzz.

    Some here have been contacted via the Sirius Buzz private message system in a recruiting effort for the forums on that site. I want to be clear here. You the reader have the freedom visit any site of your choosing. You also have the freedom to participate in any forums you may choose. That being said, we provide the forums as a community where people can get together to discuss ideas, the stock, etc. We offer private messages as a benefit to our members, and not as a recruiting tool to bring people away from this site. I find the events that have recently transpired as troubling. At no time has this site ever participated in trying to recruit people from another site via that site.

    We have strived to deliver great content, an awesome forum, and an overall place where investors and fans can congregate. To see those efforts undermined is a very sad. It has always been my hope that various satellite radio sites could be friendly competitors without bringing in added drama. As a fan of satellite radio, I have seen what has transpired in the past with Backstage, XM Fan and XM411. I do not want to see those troubling times happen again.

    We are content to let our growth happen organically without poaching, bashing or undermining other sites. We hope that other satellite radio sites feel the same way.

    With all of that being said, it is our hope that readers, members and participants will respect the bounds of this site and the work we have done to make it what it is. Our private message system is for private comments between members. It is not for pulling people away from this site. Our message boards are for interaction, not an advertising platform for other sites.

    We would like to thank you all for your loyal readership and participation, and look forward to a great satellite radio community continuing here at Sirius Buzz. It is our hope that all of you appreciate the efforts that go into making this site what it is.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    dont worry tyler the forum functionality on this site is a million times better, i could only take 2 seconds of satwaves, there is a reason why people find it easy to stick around here. you need to get the show going again and start hammering charles on all his negative bs with siri.

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    A few other words...

    Some will hear that the issues revolved around censorship. Nothing could be further from the truth. At no time was anyone censored. The issue surrounded legal matters involving slander libel, etc. People here are free to say what they want, but there is a line.

    When that line is crossed, the potential was there for the site to be dragged into a lawsuit. I for one, am not going to get sued because someone else makes statements that could be considered slanderous or libelous.

    The recent happenings had NOTHING to do with freedom of speech or freedom of press. it had EVERYTHING to do with putting the entire site in jeopardy from a legal standpoint.

    The particular issue that happened was not the first, but needed to be the last. I have disagreed with things that people have done, and have written about it and spoken about it. However, I did it in a way that would not put the site in legal jeopardy.

    The fact of the matter is that the post in question was perfectly fine. It was the title of the post that was gratuitous, and could be considered slander or libel. That post still exists on the site and was not censored at all. It was my intervention that stopped what could have been a drawn out law suit.

    Readers should understand that it is one thing when a reader makes a post, but something far different when a writer on the site makes a post. A writer on this site has a far greater responsibility to ensure that they walk a finer line and choose their words carefully. It was this that brought about the events in question.

    All of that being said, we wish no ill will to anyone. We want people here to know that we love the fact that you are free to express yourselves. We also know that most everyone here converses with respect, and want things to stay that way.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    Tyler and Charles,Thank you for creating a great site here for people to express their creative ideas and Due diligence info to help everyone understand SiriusXM's bussiness model and content advantage in todays Radio world..This site has been invaluable to me through the BK scare and Liberty Deal..
    Keep up the good work and thank you for the free speech..

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    Tyler, what Brandon said was a fact, that could easily be proven in court. Is that slander? I dont think so. Example......
    Tyler: Hey everyone, I just robbed a store.
    Relmor: Really Tyler, thats robbery, you can go to jail for that. In fact, if I take you at your word, let me see here... Yep, thats illegal.
    In a way Tyler, Im calling you a thief in this example, arent I.
    See Tyler, your confusing facts with slander.
    (Alleged victim) phone call, based on (Alleged victim) INFORMATION COULD BE SEEN as what Brandon said..... If you think a judge is going to say Relmor in the above conversation committed slander, I dont knwo what to tell you. If anything (alleged victim) has "libel" and slandered SiriusXM for years.
    Which I wont repeat, as I dont want you get upset about it.
    Just admit your not very brave, and you fear a man who threatened you. No big deal bro. You have mouths to feed, thats cool
    Freedom of speech right.....
    He never should have opened his big fat mouth in the first place, placing his business on yahoo message boards(alleged victim).
    If it were my site, and its not, I would have told him see you in court, but I will filing a harassment lawsuit against you instantly upon your filing.

    Only lawsuit in that whole thing would be for the Sirius employee against the (alleged victim).

    anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.
    Did Brandon injure his reputation?
    No his reputation is being a nuissance with no facts, and only a hinderance to the process. So no on that. Brandon using his own words to describe what he did is a crime, is not misrepresentative either, as the alleged victim provided the representation. Therefore libel has not been committed. If you knew the law better, maybe you would have told him where to go.
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    This thread is hilarious by the way. I would never try to "recuit" memebers away(better things to do), and its sad thats whats happening.
    Just face it Tyler. You choose financial safety over a friend. You let the "alleged victim" scare you and affect your decisions. He won.

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    what i find interesting! and sort of odd, Is after searching around at the federal and state level within the courts system ,located no suits filed against the party over the years...

    and thats just really odd, or indicates there is some perception of truth held within the context of the information that he brought fourth publicly.

    I'm not surprised by the reaction of Sirius to your inquiry the other day as one of Leon blacks people are tied to isge and it would make it a tough area to speak about as mel went on record in one of the newyork Daile's admitting Leon black asked him to come on-board during 2004 and asked him to either buy up a radio business for the free cash flow available or merge the satellite radio company's and mel convinced him to merge the two company's.

    i don't think that was what mel said to congress during his testimony. when asked about when did the merger first come up

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    Lol @ internet drama.

    Thanks for doing a great job on the site, Tyler and Charles. I enjoyed Brandon's perspective, even if he was a lot more radical, so hopefully fences can be mended soon.

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    Tyler, I appreciate all of your and Charles' hard work in providing information and clarity to the Sat Rad business and, for that matter, their competition. I have been here for more than a year and have many times referenced your site from my posts on Seeking Alpha. Your site, the "Blog" Talk Radio broadcast during the merger process, bringing Brandon on board, has brought much clarity where there was only chaos and lies spoken about the industry and its potential. (we all might have done a better job on post merger SP though)

    As a seeker of information and sometimes a provider of the same, I find this site to be among the best forums for the interactions to take place. Your site having a longer standing then most brings an eclectic group of posters, both pro and con, to the conversation that is Satellite Radio and our investment in it. This site has and is more "Edgy with intelligence" than any other by far... That willingness to provide a contentious format is what gives you an advantage over most other sites..

    I do not assign blame because that would be presumptuous of me, thinking that I have enough information to have a say on this matter... What has become apparent is that this site has lost a writer who was not afraid to take some chances with articles and with his posts on the forums. Write or wrong it is a shame that Brandon, who I found always willing to share and opinion, is no longer part of the conversation here at Sirius Buzz...

    You have made a decision which is clearly best for you guys and for the site, in your mind, at this time. Being a Boston Red Sox Fan, you understand that I feel this situation was just "Brandon being Brandon". Now he's gone and competing on another site. Sounds like you now need to supplement your site with another Edgy and sometimes wrong but, willing to take a chance, writer.... Good Luck and again thanks to both you and Charles for this site and Forum to speak freely.....
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    This site is a lot less interesting without Brandon here. Also, I'm glad I recieved a PM to let me know about their site... some good info over there... Not articles straight from sirius press releases.

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