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    With 1.00 + looming - scared to sell

    I made the mistake buying on the way up in past years and I will not make the same mistake selling on the way up this time around.

    This stock is still being characterized as speculative and this is the best news investors that have loaded up have because by the time it is considered solid and risk subsides, the stock will be at 1.50 pre-reverse split.

    This is where the ridiculous gains are made, not after it makes the big move.

    As this stock moves up and makes higher and higher bases, you should add on the pullbacks when volume drys up.

    Sure you can try and swing trade it, but you better make sure you sell near an overdone high for a day.

    Like today, if you picked the high .49's to sell, you could have picked it up 3 cents cheaper already, but if you sell at .47, it may just close higher and you could lose the stock if it runs to .60.

    I think .47 is starting to look good for today - I see some good buys coming in there on level 2.

    Let's get to the close bidding .50 ask higher....

    I'd be crapping my pants if I was short this equity right now because any surprise announcement will send it skyrocketing.

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    yeah if i was running siri i would at least put out an iphone update and say how far along it is or something to say hey its coming just hold tight. anything to add to the good momentum. gotta work kid.

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    buy & buy to cover orders kicking in at .50 and an even bigger short squeeze may just happen by end of day.

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    Break Even

    I just picked up $5,000 today…Hey, Hey, Hey…Just $37,000 to go to break even.
    I’m smiling