This morning I tried and upgrade my lifetime subscription to the best of XM. I was told the transaction was complete only to find out on my own that the transaction was not processed. No new channels. I called Sirius and they told me after holding for 25 minutes that they are having technical problems with the lifetime accounts and for me to call back in 3 to 5 business days and try doing the transaction again!

So much for 4th of July baseball games at the BBQ.

Anyways, she gave me a case ID #. I asked why I should give a ___ about the case ID# if I have to call back and do the transaction over again.

Nice to see Sirius service has not improved much since the old days.

Is this common? I have not had any problems or interaction that is with Sirius for a long time probably way back to the old S50 technical problems and we all know how frustrating that was.