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    Where is the anti-merger web form site?

    Where is this site posting the anti-merger comments?
    I could run a macrobot voting FOR the merger?

    Is the FCC smart enough to see through this BS?? The "click ---->HERE<---- to ruin the merger" seems pretty transparent.

    Don't you think??
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    Seems Even The people Answering The Survey Dont Know

    I have spoken to about 20 people that have participated in this, and this is what I have learned thus far:

    1 - None of them are subscribers.

    2 - Two of them knew their opinion would go to the FCC, but were unaware it was an individual comment.

    3 - All of them got their knowledge regarding the merger from the survey question.

    4 - Not one of them can recall where the survey was on the web.

    5 - Most of them acknowledged participating on several web surveys.

    6 - Most of them agreed that satellite competes with terrestrial, i-pods, etc.

    7 - None were aware of the a-la-carte pricing or that Sirius and XM guaranteed that if desired there would be no price increase from current prices.

    So far, my conclusion is that there is some survey that appears to make leading statements about the proposed merger, and is designed to illicit a certain response. Additionally, it appears that the respondents seem to frequently take surveys on line. Many survey sites offer points for rewards or cash. Whether this specific survey is in that group is unknown. Most people i spoke to really did not know much about satellite radio.
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