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    Hardware Recommendation Please

    Hi everybody - I need some buying advice.

    I'm a lifetime member since May 2006. I originally purchased a Sportster Replay. That lasted about 18 months and started doing what appears to be a common problem "searching for signal". It was periodic at first but eventually got to the point that it was "searching" about 95% of the time. The radio was effectively useless. Sirius told me tough luck, since it was past the 1 year warrantee.

    I then purchased a 1 year old used Sportster replay (mostly so I could use it to try to diagnose what the problem was on my original: it was the radio unit, not the dock or the antenna wire.) That unit has now started to go after about a year (exact same problem), so I'm looking.

    The only real feature I want is the replay option, I use that. Mainly what I want is a good quality unit that will last me more than 18 months. I love the service, but I am very disappointed in the hardware. I am not quite 3 years into Sirius and I'm averaging an additional $100 per year on top of the membership fees. I certainly didn't count on that when I signed up.

    At Costco here in Canada they currently have a Starmate 5 with car kit and boombox for $149 (about $120 U.S dollars). Seems to be a good deal, but is it a quality unit?

    On some forums there is lots of discussion about the poor quality of the hardware, so I'm gun-shy about dropping more money on something that won't last. I just wondered if anyone can help with comments. opinions, suggestions for a good quality Sirius unit. I have also read rumors that there may be a major hardware change following the merger. Is this true?

    Thanks for your help,

    Gary in Toronto

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    Here's a better idea. Try a new antenna. Sometimes the wires get nicked if they were installed in such a way as the wire gets nicked. As you are from Canada, it may be the cold that affected your reception. What I means is that the antenna wire is quite long. If you have the bulk of the excess wire for instance in your unheated trunk space, it would have an affect on the signal.

    From my experience, this is your only problem.

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    I had similar problem with my sportster replay in my truck, it was the antenna(sawed it in half with hacksaw...all rusted inside). Got a used one off ebay, installed it. Was fine for about 6 mos. then same thing(rusted inside) Got a brand new one from tssradio(looks a little different, sealed better?). NO Problems since, going on 2 years. Good Luck to you.
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    Is the three receivers on a lifetime subscription still an issue? After the first two receivers failed is this the last one you can have without purchasing a new subscription?