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    Directed subx-1 Boom Box

    I own two of these and they work great. I also own a XM Audiovox Xpress RC the radio will power up in the Sirius box, receive a full signal, tell me what song is playing, but no audio passes through. The same when I use the Sirius radio in a XM cradle. There must be a simple solution to fix this problem one or two audio wires to change. Has anyone experimented with this? I rather use the XM radio in my UPS Truck as the XM Satellites don't drop out when I Deliver inside a buildings loading dock. My Sirius Radio is the Sportster 5 which I have a Lifetime sub to and XM for life too, but still no Baseball games as of yet,so I have to take two radios two antennas two power cables E.C.T If I had to do it over I would have got the XPRESS radio for life and the best of Sirius for Stern. The XM Equipment seems to be better that the Sirius Stuff. Any Ideas. Tony

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    I definately feel like i won out by getting an xm device with best of sirius...but something posted last night made it sound like talks are not over with MLB.