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    Mel stated at the Lehman conference

    that after Sirius certifies that they have substantially complied with the DOJ's second request, the DOJ then has 30 days to accept or deny/sue to stop the merger. Mel stated Sirius should certify sometime during the summer which to me means by the end of August or September.

    So I am very confident we are going to hear a decision from the DOJ by sometime in October at the latest. That is not that far away folks. October is just 4 months away. This is good news. Mel has done so many billion dollars of media mergers. I am optimistic.

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    If I had to guess

    If I had to guss, here is the situation I think will traspire:

    1. FCC waits for DOJ ruling prior to making any decision.

    2. Sirius/XM comply with the second request by the DOJ by the end of mid September.

    The DOJ and FCC make decisions prior to mid November.

    It could drag out longer, but if there is not an answer before Thanksgiving, I would not anticipate much until after New years.
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