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    Quote Originally Posted by Danzo View Post
    CDIV is REALLY heating up. I bought 436,143 shares at an average price of $.0026 a share and now it's up to $.0045 a share. I've netted almost $790 already.

    Hi, You make no money (nor lose money) till you sell. Don't be suprised when the "insiders" sell before you do. But then they need to find buyers same as you and thats the hard part with pink sheet stocks. There are always sellers.

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    Let's get this right..

    The OTC and pink slip salesmen send out newsletters for hot stocks every day. Read their disclaimers....they "might be invested". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they invest before sending out the notices to people.

    Typically, these companies will spike and drop down into the sewer. They know that and bail on the incline. The rest are left for suckers. Not all of them though..if you can reapeat earnings day after day, then you might have a great potential stock.

    The odds are big, but are fun!

    Sounds like Danzo has done some home work! Danzo, send me your picks, I will try them out! No kidding! Please do!



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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    Sounds like Danzo has done some home work! Danzo, send me your picks, I will try them out! No kidding! Please do!
    The only stocks that I'm holding onto right now are Sirius and Cascadia Investments (CDIV). I WOULD recommend GT Solar as an excellent long term play, though. I sold my GT Solar stock about a month ago because I wanted to invest in some stocks that were under a dollar a share, but I DID make a good profit on GT Solar. I bought it at about $3.95 a share and sold it at about $5.30 a share. The stock has CONTINUED to do well after I sold it, too. GT Solar's share price is up 47.9% in the past month:

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    With so much of the market beaten up and cheaply priced, why would anyone buy a pinksheet stock for a trade? You could easily pick up a big name stock cheaply and make some $$$$. It is about the percentage the stock moves, not the number of shares. You have a better chance with AIG at $1 than you do with this CDIV. Good luck anyway

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    Disclaimer: Pease provide independendant research into any stock listed here or elsewhere.

    I recetly purchased SHT in one of my trading accounts. I kept on investing in the same account, and now that account is nearly 100% SHT. It appears for SHT to be an effective investment SHT should be spread thinly over a number of accounts. I also invested into a compay
    with the ticker symbol DAM. I have been solicited by a number of MM's to give up my shares of DAM. I have told them on numerous occasions that under no circumstances would I give a DAM. My local MM's are also interested my shares of SCRNG. I found out that this stock is going nowhere and should be dumped as soon as possible.

    The key to investing is diversification. So, don't get too deep in SHT, don't give a DAM TO THE MM'S and instead giving them the SCRNG they deserve.

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