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    Suggestion for helping newcomers

    I have a suggestion for this forum in particular. Let me start by saying I love reading what people say and I do read more than I talk, but I've found that my 'eyes' start to glaze over when folks are talking about some of the more deeper discussions about stocks and company performance metrics. But there are SO many acronyms being used on a regular basis, I simply don't know what they all mean so I'm sure I'm missing some gems.

    Would it be possible for a Moderator to put a sticky at the top of this forum to provide a list of common abbreviations often used in this sub-forum?

    For example:

    Quote Originally Posted by homer985
    The EV I was estimating from FCF of $1.4BB was around $15BB. Removing the NET debt from that and dividing the remaining amounts by the fully diluted cap (636MM shares), puts them valued at around $18.87 pps. Up from the current value of $2.00 pps, again assuming a 1:10 pps.
    I know some of those but it's an example of how insiders talk and everyone else scratches their head.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. : )

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    I think that is a great idea. I do a bunch of googling (is that a verb yet?) to verfiy the acronyms mean what I think they do. I am wrong quite a bit and I have an accounting degree (that I haven't used in 20 years!)

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    EV = Enterprise Value -
    FCF = Free Cash Flow -
    PPS = Price Per Share - aka, shareprice... the value of the stock per share
    FULLY DILUTED MARKET CAP = Fully Diluted Sharecount X current pps -


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    See Homer that's awesome and I was wondering if a Mod would see any value of creating a sticky like a Stock FAQ, because I know I certainly would.

    I don't mean to imply a problem with those posting these types of messages, but people like me would really like to have a way to better understand what you're saying. : )

    Thanks, that's all.

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    If homer writes it, I will sticky it. =)

    homer: If you do, send me a PM with a link in case I miss it.