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    04-01-2009, 11:13 AM #11
    I have emailed Jon Zellner as well as G. Steele and Joe Beladonna with my concerns about the programing of Classic Vinyl, Rewind and The Boneyard and only Mr. Zellner responded. It seems that I am not the only one fed up with the playlists that have been used since the merger. I have also heard multiple groups on the same channels at the same time and to me that is unacceptable if we are paying to hear commercial free music. Look if I want to hear top 40, MTV era, 1 hit wonders and groups played over and over again I will listen to local FM jiberish. Get rid of these clone stations and give us back our ROCK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by unleded View Post
    What was the logic behind this decision? I find it irritating and frustrating that they would take the one metal station and only one that I listen to down for an entire month for one band in the entire genre. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.
    I love it! But understand your frustration.. During the merger the one station that I listen to while on the road (Which I'm on the road 80%) and 95% of the time was Buzzsaw I was so furious that it went to AC/DC for a month.. dont' get me wrong I like AC/DC but not 24/7 for a month.
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    I did a Google search to find out when Jose would be back and found this site!

    I am glad I did b/c now I can go somewhere to &itc# about Sirius when they pi$$ me off

    The ONLY reason I came to Sirius was for Howard, but then was happy to find Hard Attack, now LM.

    Anyway- I read all of your posts and I have to say when I first heard about MM taking over Liquid Metal I was PI$$ED! I was into Metallica ever since Kill 'Em All (not to mention the video Cliff 'Em All ), however, got a little tired of them as time went on.

    I thought how in the world can I survive without my Lamb of God, Dimmu, Amon Amarth just to name a few. Ugh! Metallica cannot take the place of my music I craved!?

    I could not listen for the about the first week, but I then brokedown b/c there was no way I could turn to Octane or Bone Yard , they just not heavy enough for me, and I was bored of my iTunes.

    I was very surprised! MM has turned me back into a Metallica fan! I missed the guys who started me listening to the heavy stuff. I forgot what "gods" they really are. Heck, I might even see them in concert again.

    I agree, I would not like to hear them 24/7, but it was nice for a change.

    I do miss Jose, The Mexican Avenger (sorry Blaster) and I am ready to have him and LM back in full swing again.


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    Thumbs down amen brother

    Its not like I don't listen to other stations on XM, but sometimes you just wanna hear some GD heavy metal and there's NO other place on the airwaves you can get it. I was terrified they had switched formats for good - and I nearly canceled my subscription.

    My question is - how much did metallica have to pay to buy XM liquid metal for a whole month??

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    They probably didn't pay, Lars likely just cried like a baby until he got what he wanted.

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