I'm new to this forum, so apologies if I'm in the wrong thread and/or late to the game weighing in on the pending new model / price structure for receiving Internet Radio. At any rate, these will likely be my first and only posts as I will be canceling my subscription next week after 3 plus years as a listener. My email to Sirius below relays my frustrations.
I will, however, continue to listen at work - for free - as a co-worker has a Sirius Sportster Replay model with built-in FM transmitter whose signal nicely furnishes the whole office.
In light of the recent policy to discontinue free Internet access to existing subscribers (without commitment and prepayment to a long term contract), I will be canceling my subscription at that time unless the policy is rescinded. Notwithstanding Sirius' cash flow problems and plummeting stock price, I believe THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE you will come to regret- via cancellations of existing subscriptions - it is unethical to punish the earliest / existing subscribers. I have been very disappointed with both Customer service as well as programming options since the merger / lineup changes, and was leaning toward cancellation even prior to the Internet Radio policy modifications. There are a multitude of other, quality, FREE, online listening options available, and attempting to justify a price increase by providing 'higher quality digital audio' is pure BS - it's all in the user hardware, speakers, audio cards, and connection speeds - the existing signal is fine, and no significant listening quality increase can be afforded by anything that cac be implemented on your end.