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    03-02-2009, 02:38 AM #1

    SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 3/2/09

    Mysterious Emails from Sirius and XM about some special promotion this week?

    The Mysterious conference call that has yet to happen or even be announced?

    Mysterious "people behind the scenes" giving hints about an official Sirius XM iphone app?

    What else will transpire this week? Last week was nice, will this week be even better?


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    03-02-2009, 03:08 AM #2

    Hey Newman

    This week or next week should be a real indicator. Everybody has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off according to the daily news.

    I really believe that investors are becoming desensitized to all of the news and will make a move one way or the other. In other words, "screw the news" it is time to invest, however, be aware that the market can still go down, so I would advise caution.

    Personally, at the opening of the market this week, I am sitting on the sidelines and will watch, just to insure that the market isn't going to slide to a lower level.

    As far as SIRI, I wouldn't get too jacked up immediately...even though I would love to see it happen. Last Friday was a big cover that drove the stock up. It could come out of the gate either way.

    Anything can happen...and I hope it is for the positive with SIRI.

    We are still facing the 6000's in the market and the NAS is a bit stronger by comparison to the DOW.

    So I say, flip a coin, and you will know as much as anyone else. Just watch and be smart. There is not even a reason to try and chart a prediction now (which is my expertize) this time it is useless. The shorters are even confused but plan on attacking if they can find the smallest of trends. They are scared of news, so they pulled out. Everybody, have a great day....just be careful until the market proves a point with whatever stock you own or are going to buy or sell.

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    03-02-2009, 07:36 AM #3
    I know its early morning, but I would think that they would have the website updated with the sales for today that I have seen mentioned.

    There is a new rebate for the XMP3 for March 1st to March 30th.

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    03-02-2009, 09:08 AM #4

    Filing Postponed!

    SIRI postponing filing of 10 K Annual Report to no later than March 17.

    No link - news on Ameritrade
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    03-02-2009, 09:12 AM #5
    Here is a link from SIRI Investor website.

    Conference call at 8:00 am ET on March 17, 2009
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    03-02-2009, 09:15 AM #6
    What is the likelyhood that this delay could be good news?

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    03-02-2009, 09:18 AM #7
    Well, stock immediately dropped from .162 to .135 in pre mkt.

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    03-02-2009, 09:19 AM #8
    This company seems to try and continue to push their stock down. Everytime something positive happens, they come out with something that pushes the stock back down. Last trade .135!

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    03-02-2009, 10:00 AM #9
    Well the focus seems to be refinancing so I would think that's a good thing. However, it really does seem like all the forces in the universe are against this stock gaining momentum.

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    Well damn.. Let down number 435,625 for siri stock holders. Mel really does hate us.

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