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    Question "antenna not detected"

    I've started having a problem with my SP4. I keep loosing signal and getting the above message. This happens in 3 different cradles but is worse on my motorcycle. If I jiggle the unit in the cradle the connection comes back. It seems to be getting worse and is very annoying.

    Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it?


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    I'm having the same problem too. This is very similar to how my Sportster1 retired. I'm thinking the receivers only have about a one year lifespan. Can anyone else shed some light on this problem?

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    You may just need a new antenna - I'm on my 3rd one. I think I may have kinked the wire at least once since it's run into my car's trunk.

    Also, sometimes with my current antenna I will get this problem, and then I realize it's just happening because my power cord isn't firmly plugged into the power receptacle in my car. Because my Stiletto 2 has a battery this is not immediately apparent - it will seem to have power when plugged into the car dock, but will not actually work in the car until the power cord is firmly plugged in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fachauncie View Post
    I'm thinking the receivers only have about a one year lifespan.
    I am not sure what the issue is but, I can tell you that my sportster is over 3 years old now and I have had no issues with it.
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