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    My name was not on it, I make a point of Giving Scotty full credit. I could have logged in with anyones name and posted that article but, I used mine because it was easy. I am not here (and neither are Tyler or Brandon) to give one sided views of things. Just because I don't agree doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the other side of the coin. Sometimes the other side of the coin strengthens yours thoughts on an issue or sharpens your argument. In short, its helpful.

    Saying that I quit you as a fan is tongue and cheek. I am sorry you don't understand the joke that I made... see its ironic when someone "quits" their fans because you cant really choose who follows you or stop them from doing so.

    I never said that I "never wanted you to post here again," I said that I quit you as a fan and that I WISH you would never come here again. When I said "you're not welcome" I was responding to you saying "thanks."

    I can ban you if you want, I guess but, you cant delete a forum account because it ruins the context of what has been written in the past. Which is why you cant find a little link to terminate your account, its just not part of the software... and for good reason.

    What a baby... your start a post calling me out on my own site and cant take my point of view without acting like a child and deleting posts and crying. All you had to say was "oops, I didn't notice that you were responsible for the content of that post." but, instead you decided to defend what was clearly a misunderstanding.

    Am I responsible for Tylers content? Because we disagree quite a bit... should we stop posting anything that we do not agree 100% about? If that were the case, nothing would make it into the news paper.

    This is goofy that I even waste time arguing a point that is so clear cut.
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    My bad....
    It makes no sense to call out the main source of content.
    Whether I agree with the article or not, your just posting for us to read, in which many members here and myself appreciate.
    I was wrong in my post, and you made your case and point.
    Now imma get back to my beer and college basketball.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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